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Weeky E-News

Weekly e-News May 6

CCC Admin

Hey, Everyone!
Wow! Guys!
I just saw peonies in a yard off ol’ Johnson Rd, O.S., TN, USA...blooming! Totally in bloom! I couldn’t believe it, but it’s true! I thought we were a ways away (like June-ish!) but…NOT!
I guess Tina and I weren’t jumpin’ the gun a few weeks ago when we were planning where our veggies are goin’ to go in the garden this year. We were trying to figure the best way to keep our ‘maters off the ground. Y’know, trellises...stakes...those wire cages (what works fer you?) and some the articles we were reading said consistently that it depended.
“Are your tomatoes determinate or indeterminate?”
“Huh? Who knows? How do you tell? Where do you check?”
“I wonder what determinate tomatoes are?” Tina asked.
“Let’s find out! I’ll Google it!”
“Dear Google, what are determinate and indeterminate tomatoes?” (I didn’t actually put the “Dear Google” part)
BAM! There it is!
Determinate tomatoes are bush tomatoes and only grow to be two or three feet high. Good for pots. Indeterminate (Big Boys, Beef Steaks) grow continually to six to ten feet high. Need staking.
You’re welcome.
It’s amazing what you can find out nowadays! 
Ask your computer a question and...there’s the answer! 


I remember a girl trying to explain to her seventy-something aunt who had never even held a computer, how to Google something. “Go ahead, Aunt! Just type in a question!”
She wrote, “How’s my sister Mary Sue in Boise feeling this morning?”
Here’s some more info Google doesn’t know.
“What does God want me to do in this situation?”
“How can I know what I should say?”
“Should I talk to them about this or not?” 
“Would it be good to react or not?” 
“What is His will in this problem?”
How do you know what God wants you to do in a sticky...or touchy...or hurtful...or complicated situation? 

Maybe you’ve looked up all the Scriptures you could find and you’re still stuck. You don’t want to do nothing, but nothing’s better than the wrong thing. Here’s a suggestion…

And a promise.

Ask God.

It’s simple, I know. Just ask God to tell you what to do or not do…What to say or not say… 
And I have a promise for this!


James 1.5 “ If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

“Wisdom” is a word that means, “Just knowing what to do in a tough moment”.

 “...and it will be given to you”. 

If you want to know what He wants and you’re determined and decided to do what He says...nothing else...nothing less...nothing more...He’ll let you know in your heart what is best! That is an awesome promise!
So, if you want to know what’s the best for  you to do or say in a difficult or delicate moment, ask God.
If you want to know the population of Slovenia, ask Google.