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100 Ogden Lane
Oak Ridge, TN 37830


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Tom Job
Senior Pastor


Tom likes to run.  Most everyday you'll see him running the streets of Oak Ridge or Oliver Springs.  His love for our Lord astonishes me for he usually answers "Yes Lord" and then ask questions later no matter how difficult the situation is.  The love of his life is Tina and she keeps him on track.  They have a small farm that is some sort of refuge for animals and is also the setting for the church's annual outdoor movie.  From their four children, Charlie, Val, Mary and Emily, Tom has a total of eight grand children.  It is safe to say that all of them have Tom's number.

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Lee Younger
Youth Pastor and Worship Leader


He sings his heart out to God and it shows.  A singer/composer as we call it, he likes to dig up old, like real old, hymns and put melody in them.  Such music, Lee tells us, reminds us that we are singing with fellow saints who uttered the same words of praise 250 years after Jesus' death - albeit a different melody.  A pastor to the young, Lee spends his time teaching and encouraging young people to live like Jesus.  Lee is married to Christy, they have three kids, Anna, Norah and Jack, whose creative energies can seldom be surpassed.

Lee's Blog



Stephen "Potts" Gooch


If you are ever in a car crash or sick, don't be surprised if the first face you see in the hospital by your bedside is Stephen Gooch - "Potts" as he likes to be called.  You will find that prayers and encouragement abound from this man.  Potts teaches community group in the morning but he also organizes events that help us to know other folks in Triple C.  An avid golfer, you can perhaps squeeze a lesson or two from him provided you carry his golf bag - kidding.


Kristin Livesay
Church Administrator


While the three gentlemen above are busy planning "great and wonderful" things, someone needs to drive the car and make it happen - if she doesn't things may not happen as they should or even happen at all.  If she is not running errands, you will find her at the front desk of the church with her computer.  A tender heart and a sweet smile, Kristin helps us with things that we often assume operate by themselves.  Married to Todd and a mother to three children, Laura, Mary and Sam -- like them, we will be at a loss without Kristin