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100 Ogden Lane
Oak Ridge, TN 37830


Weeky E-News

Weekly e-News February 19

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!

What an awesome, beautiful day! Here’s your weekend forecast…

Finally .. sunshine and much warmer weather returns! Friday’s highs going into the lower 60s!

The Weekend Ahead: Staying mild with highs near 60 Saturday and lower 60son Sunday!”

That’s your Triple C weather report! And isn’t it nice to be able to sit back and read something encouraging without ads jumping “up in your grill” the whole time, when you have to “click” the “x” in the corner to get it “out of your face? It just seems like folks are advertising everywhere!

Altho’ I did tell someone that I would be a “walking advertisement” for them because of a bill they gave me! 

I had to take my Honda (the one with all the stickers on the back…I can’t stop putting new ones on there! I may need to seek help!) to a repair shop because I was leaking some oil out the bottom.

Actually, it was probably quite a bit. (Remember the Exxon Valdez?) So, I took it in and they fixed it quick! 


After the next rain shower, I saw the dreaded greasy rainbow creeping down the parking lot and toward the drain.and on to the pollute the oceans of the world. 

So I took it back. They took it in. Hoisted it up. Called me back. “It’s fixed!”

So I went down and they handed me the printed invoice. 

I owed, after taxes…



“Yessir! You had another leak but we just fixed it! Have great day!”

Well, I’m gonna advertise for y’all! Thanks so much!”

I guess you could make the case that they shoulda fixed it the first time and I could have expected

to pay “zip”, but for me it was exciting to be treated like someone special! 

You know, it’s so amazing the way Jesus loves us soooooo constantly and continually and compassionately and consistently…

and everything He gives us…

His care…

a place in His family and home and heart…

forgiving me over and over and over forever…

in fact, already forgiving me of all I’ve done and WILL do!…

owning me and making me His own…

a coming day when a trump shall sound and He makes all things new…

And the price I pay? 


All for you!

All for me!

All for free!

Makes me want to be a walking human advertisement for Him! 

“Hey! Can I tell about the One Who has brought joy and beauty to a life that needed both?”

I’m not really sure how I’m gonna do any advertising for



                                                                                   (click to close)

“R. T. Clapp- One of the Ridge’s Best Auto Shops!”


that car repair place, but I’ll try to find some way to do it!