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Weeky E-News

Weekly e-News January 15

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!

Hope you're having an awesome day, filled with praise and thanks! And, by the way, thanks for stopping by and reading this CCC Friday email! We want to make it worth your while and our hope here at Triple C is that you'll be encouraged and maybe even learn a thing or two…So, with that in mind, here are some fun and useful facts to start your day! Did you know…

Today is January 15, which makes this the fifteenth day of 2016…

But there are 351 days left in the year…not 350, as you might suppose…because this is a leap year! 

Also, there are only 64 more days 'til spring! 

Here's something else you might not know…

On this date…January 15, 1967, the Packers beat the Chiefs in the very first Super Bowl! 

(Wow! That was a looooong time ago! I bet the halftime show was somebody like Bing Crosby or Mozart!)

Also, on this date in 1559, “Queen Elizabeth was crowned Queen of England in Westminster Abbey…”

Good cow! She’s had that job a long time! 

Wait a sec…’scuse me for a minute, everyone…

(What’d you say, babe? …there’s been more than one named that?)

Correction. Queen Elizabeth the FIRST started her new job on this date in 1559. There’s been more than one named Queen Elizabeth.

Here's a fun fact I learned yesterday! The system that measures in millimeters and centimeters is the metrics system. The one that measures in inches, feet, and yards is called (do you know?)...the imperial system! 

How did I not know that 'til yesterday? 

(Come to think of it, during the fourth grade, I was pretty distracted.)

Here's another thing I learned yesterday. Your keyboard on your computer has 400 times more bacteria than your toilet!

Isn't it cool to learn stuff? Aren't you glad you're reading this!?

More fun facts for January…

Since it's resolution season, wanna know what is “Resolution Numero Uno” in America? It's "lose weight"!!   "Quit smoking", "save money", and "be an overall better person" all tied for third.  59% of Americans under 45 years old made New Years resolutions, while only 28% of those over 45 made any. 

And now from the “Practical Advice For Daily Living” department of your FridayTriple C email…

Since we’re on the subject of resolutions…

I guess as people get older, they realize quitting stuff is hard. I was looking for articles on the best ways to break bad habits and found one by the American Association of Dental Health on how to quit chewing tobacco. Apparently, it's super tough to stop. (Probably also super tough to start!)

Their advice?

"1) Make up your mind to quit."

 "2)Pick a date you're going to quit…” (and it has to be in this decade!)

"3) List your reasons"... Such as…

    "…To avoid oral health problems"

    "…I have sores or white spots in my mouth"

    "…To set a good example for my kids"

    "…To save money"

    "…Dipping tobacco is discussing"…(duh!)

    "…My girlfriend hates it"

    "…My wife hates it"…

Wow. Those last two reasons were weird! If his girlfriend AND his wife hate it, seems to me there's something he needs to quit even more than dippin’!

And here’s some more useful info! (“News You Can Use”, we call it!)…

Mark your calendar for May 28! It will be a special day at Turner Field in Atlanta where the Braves play! You know what bobbleheads are, right? Little statues of baseball players where the oversized head “bobbles” all the time? Well, on May 28, they’re giving one out with future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones on a ATV four-wheeler with first baseman, Freddie Freeman on the back! Seems that a couple of years ago, Freddie was trapped in stopped traffic for eleven hours during an awful snow and ice storm on the Atlanta freeway and with the last of his phone battery, tweeted for help. Chipper Jones, a famous tweeter himself, read the tweet and jumped on his ATV and rescued Freddie! To commemorate this heroic deed…a bobblehead! 

And finally, here’s today’s verse, just for you…

It’s Hebrews 6, verse 10…

“God is not unrighteous and He will now forget your work of faith and labor of love that you show to His name, in that you serve the saints and continue to do so…”

That means that anything you do for someone today because you love Jesus…

no matter how small it might seem to you…

no matter of you don’t even think about it again…

and don’t even remember that you ever did it…

will NEVER be forgotten!!

God will always remember it!! Because you did it out of love for Him! 

Today…January 15, 2016 could be a day never to be forgotten for all eternity!

You may not get a bobblehead for it…

But they never look like the person anyway.