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Weeky E-News

Weekly e-News for July 24

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!

Today's gonna be an awesome day! Y'know know how Saint Paul says that we're "seated in Heavenly places in Christ?"  Well, from there, how could it be anything less than an amazing day?

It's kinda like when I was in Portugal a couple of weeks ago. No matter how rainy or drizzly it is on the runway, you just have to take off and cliiiimb a while, and before ya know it, you're above the all clouds and storms, in the bluest blue!

Speaking of Portugal…

And speaking of speaking in Portuguese…

Thankfully I didn't have to! (Which is awesome since I don't!)

I was at the Young Life camp for Portuguese kids… who all spoke English! Turns out they watch it on TV from Sesame Street on, so if you speak English slow enough, they get it! Which is amazing, because of all languages, English is super difficult to learn…Maybe the toughest!

There's just so many weird quirks about our mother tongue, if you stop and think about it (which we don't have to! ) Fer instance…

"Teachers teach" and "farmers farm". But "hammers don't ham" and "fingers don't fing"!  (At least mine don't!)

You "recite in a play" and "play in a recital"…Hmmmm….wonder why?

You say "he, his, and him" but not "she, shis, and shim". That's tough if you didn't grow up knowing it!

"Vegetarians eat vegetables". So, what do humanitarians eat?

As a bonus, I gave the kids some lessons in "Southern", or the English of the hill(billy)s…

The second person plural is "you" plus "all" or "y'all" More than three people is the second pluperfect plural…"all y'all"

Here's "tar" and "bar" used in a Southern sentence…"I had to git a new tar for my car, but I had t' bar the money"

If you hear the word "urine", it may be the second person possessive adjective…"Is that thang hiz'n, her'n, or your'n?"

Y'know, there is a language of Heaven, as well! If you're not used to it, it can be hard to understand! Like, remember how I wrote, "Today's gonna be an awesome day! Y'know know how Saint Paul says that we're seated in Heavenly places in Christ?" 

Well, how on earth could I be sitting there? I don't think I am sitting in Heaven yet! I'm sitting on my kitchen stool and I'm about to go sit on the riding mower!"

I guess you have to understand Heavenly English…

Since God lives outside of time, the future (to us) is as real to Him as the past or present. He already lives in the future! And you are already there with Him because of Jesus! You're already in Heaven in God's mind! Your future is as real to Him as this Friday, July 24! And since there's a whooooole lot more future than there is present or past (becausee Heaven never ends!), in your life, you'll be with Him in Heaven a whoooooole lot more than you will not have been!  And since the future is as real to Him as what is or has been (the present and past), you're as good as there already! 

So, to say you're already "seated with Him in Heavenly places" is true!

How's that for a lesson in Heaven's language?

Next week, our lesson will be on "Why does the Bible call me a 'saint' if I've messed up so much in my life?"


"How to understand the Past Perfect tense…"