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Weeky E-News

Weekly e-News for June 12th

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!

Hope you're having an awesome day! I really hope your day's awesomeness is just because you are loved, watched over and cared for all day and night! Hope your day is amazing no matter what happens! With all the blessings we have…

Who cares if it's rainy or sunny? 

Who cares if it's hotter than you'd like outside? 

Who cares if you can't park at the library today? 

Who cares if your favorite team loses or wins?

Even if they were ahead yesterday by three runs in the 7th inning and lost anyway because, among other mess ups, they walked a guy with the bases loaded (!) giving away a run,  and gave away another run with a stupid catcher interference, giving the guy 1st base, again with the bases loaded?

…So we lost 6 to 4…

…in the 11th inning…

….after being up 3 to nothing in the 7th!…

I mean, who cares?!

Speaking of the Braves…

Ever wonder where your favorite team got its name?

Did you know that the Atlanta Braves were first the "Boston Braves"? 

Before they were the "Boston Braves", they were the "Boston Bean Eaters" (The 1934 St Louis Cardinals were called the "Gas House Gang" but that might have been more appropriate for the Bean Eaters!) Then they were the "Boston Doves" the "Boston Bees" and then the "Braves".

The Los Angeles Dodgers were originally the Brooklyn Dodgers. One New Yorker said that the only good thing about the Lincoln assassination was that he died before he had to see the Dodgers sold to LA. They put in trolley cars in Brooklyn in 1914, and folks going to Ebbets Field to see their team had to dodge them. So the team was called the "Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers". And then just the "Dodgers". 

I wonder if Clayton Kershaw knows this?

If you steal a player from another league, like the Pittsburg Athletics did in 1890, folks might call you "Pirates" and it might stick!

When a city is famous for making beer (Schlitz, Pabst, and Miller) it makes sense to call your team the "Brewers"…

Did you know that the word "Christian" is only in the Bible three times?

It was a nickname, sorta. Kind of a team name. Actually, it was a "name-calling" name. Luke wrote that "believers were first called 'Christians' in Antioch" Acts11:26)

Called that by other people. 

"A great number of people believed and turned to the Lord…"  (11:21)

Lots of folks were turning to Jesus. To Jesus Christ. And they loved Him! And they wanted to be like Him! Maybe it was awkward for them at the beginning. Maybe they were trying too hard. Or maybe folks around them thought "turning to" and relying on anyone but yourself was weakness…

But the new believers DID turn to Him! And they wanted to be like Him! They wanted to be like Him so much that those who didn't understand His humility and His kindness and His gentleness, called those who tried to be those things, "little Christs"…

Or "Christians"!

What if we who know Him were just so….like Him… so kind…and/or so gentle and sweet…and so truly humble…or filled with peace all the time that others would say, "Man! That guy is…Jesus-y!"

What if folks just called you "Jesus-y"?

…Even when your team blows a 3-0 lead in the 7th?