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Weeky E-News

Let’s not forget to remember.

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!!  Hope you’re getting ready to have an awesome Memorial Day weekend!! 

Here's your official Triple C Memorial Day week-end forecast!

"…Sunny and cool today! Initially we'll stay dry for Saturday and Sunday, butMonday we'll start to see enough moisture in the air to support a pop-up shower or two in the afternoon/evening. But we'll see a gorgeous weekend ahead!"

What a weekend to praise God and enjoy stuff!! 

Don’t forget to check out our own Dale Pendley conducting the O R Community Band Memorial Day Concert! 

In fact that’s an awesome way to not forget to do what you supposed to do on Memorial Day…

On Memorial Day, you’re not supposed to forget to remember!

If you came from Mars, you’d probably have the impression that Memorial Day was to celebrate the fact that summer’s just beginning and the earth is almost half way around the sun for the year (on Mars it takes 687 days to get around once so they’re only ¼ of the way)…

Or you’d think that Memorial Day is to remember that they’re offering special Memorial Day two-for-one furniture sales this weekend only.

But Memorial Day is to not forget to remember…

The first Memorial Day was in Waterloo, New York in May, 1866. Back then, they called it Decoration Day and it was to remember those fallen in the Civil War. More Americans died in that war than all wars our nation has fought put together. 

One day I was reading about the Battle of Campbell’s Station. On a chilly, rainy, sloppy morning, November 16, 1863, divisions of Confederate soldiers and Union soldiers were racing to get to Knoxville first. The control of the railroad from Virginia to Chattanooga was the prize. Lincoln thought it was very important. The armies came face to face in Farragut. After just a few minutes, right there on the corner of Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road, where the Fresh Market is on one corner, and Aubrey’s Restaurant and the Super Krogers are on the other, 970 soldiers lay dead with rain falling on them.

It gave me a chill to think about. All the times I passed by there…I never imagined. 

I wonder if anyone remembers them.

During the Civil War, over 350,000 soldiers accepted Jesus as their Savior! 10% of the soldiers in the war were converted to Him! 

Just like Courtney Birdsey, a soldier who came to a strong faith in Jesus after He protected her through an unexpected fire-fight in Baghdad during the Irag war. 

She wrote…

“Finally, in April 2004, my unit returned home to Colorado Springs. As the National Anthem played over the loudspeaker celebrating our arrival, I felt the tears I had been unable to cry for months stinging my eyes. I thought of my love for this country, my prayers for the safety of the units still in Iraq, the loss of those I had known, and of my family waiting in the stands to greet me…The visions and sounds of Iraq are never far from my thoughts…I'm not the same person, spiritually or emotionally, that I was before I left. I still suffer from images that come alive in my sleep, especially after a stressful day. But each time I see or hear of events in Iraq, I am reminded of how God faithfully protected me. I know now, no matter what the future brings, I'm never alone.”

On this Memorial Day week-end, let's not forget to remember to pray for all of our Triple C'rs serving in our military!

Today is a beautiful day here in East Tennessee. But did you know that at any given moment, there are 18,000 thunderstorms booming and blowing around the world?

We live our faith in peace and comfort. But all around the world, brothers and sisters in Christ…in Africa, Asia, Arab nations, Latin America…are in storms of faith, risking, praying and weeping, reaching out and suffering for it, all because they love our Lord so much. 

On this Memorial Day week-end, let’s also not forget…

Let’s not forget them.

Let’s remember today that…

This world isn’t our home.

There are spiritual battles to fight.

There are causes bigger than our comfort.

There is still work to do.

There are prayers to pray.

There are people to reach.

Who cares if they’re selling furniture two-for-one this weekend only.. Let’s not forget to remember what matters!

Let’s not forget to remember.