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Blog: Tom Job

October 18th, 2013

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!

Hope you’re havin’ a week of awesome autumn awesomeness! A week of fantastic fall falliness! A week of the coolest fall coolness! High of 70 today! Don’t you love it?! 

For me, fall is the most colorful time! 

The pumpkins are orange…the leaves are beginning to turn red and yellow…and, as we say, “my grass is blue!” I don’t know why, but in the fall and spring, my heart is just pinin’ for bluegrass music! 

Last Saturday, I went with Mary and the grandkids to the Museum of Appalachia for their fall “Homecoming” Tina's Tuesday weaving friends were demonstrating their ol' timey skills in one of the cabins. I also saw some of the things she'd made before leaving for Africa, among the stuff they were selling. Wasn't exactly emotionally prepared for that! 


Besides that little moment it was all awesomely awesome! Behind every hay stack, every tobacco barn, every kettle of beans, every molasses mashin’ mule, every quilting bee-hive, there was a bluegrass group! There were teen brother-and-sister groups. There were groups of old dudes who made it sloooowly up on to the stage with fiddle in one hand and walking cane in the other…and then…they would TEAR IT UP! It was like bluegrass heaven! Reminded me of Lester Flatt’s famous “I’m Gonna Be in Heaven’s Bluegrass Band!”

I know. I know. The words to those songs are a little corny for some folks. Speaking of corny bluegrass corniness, all you have to do is think of Lester and Earl’s lyrics to the Martha White Flour and Corn Meal jingle…

“Now you bake right (uh-huh) with Martha White (yes, ma'am)

Goodness gracious, good and light, Martha White

For the finest biscuits, cakes and pies,

Get Martha White self-rising flour

The one all-purpose flour,

Martha White self-rising flour's

Got Hot Rise!”

(This is when Earl Scruggs busted out that unbelievable banjo break high up on the 21st fret! He was the best! I miss him!)

Occasionally, bluegrass songs about our faith in Jesus can be a little over the top, corniness-wise. Just take, “Prayer Bells of Heaven” as an example.

“While we are leaving in this world of care,

Many the burdens that we have to bear. 

But there’s a prayer bell at the Lord’s right hand.

Give it a ring and He will understand!

Prayer bells of heaven! Oh how sweetly they ring!
Bearing a message unto Jesus our king!

When you are burdened down with sorrows and care
Ring on and on for God will answer your prayer!”

All you have to do when you’re in trouble is ring the prayer bells of Heaven and call Jesus!

Maybe it sounds corny, but it’s true! Speaking of corny…

Did you hear about the couple that got confused and scared in the corn maze last week? Apparently, Monday evening on a farm in Danvers, Mass., a family had gotten lost in a corn maze (isn’t that kinda the point?) They had only been in it for about 30 feet. That’s when they freaked!! Thankfully, they had…DA DA! Cell phones! They called 911. “"I don't see anybody. I'm really scared. It's really dark and we've got a three-week-old baby with us!!" 

The name of the family wasn’t released (mercifully!) Once they were rescued, the wife told the police, “"We thought this would be fun. Instead it's a nightmare!"

Wow. Take a deep breath, everyone.

It’s not exactly the same as being lost deep in a cave or trapped in a mine or drifting at sea. If you just walk in any direction, you’re gonna get out of a corn maze. Maybe they overreacted. But thankfully, they could give a call! 

Seems kinda silly, really

Seems like me, really.

I know I over-freak-out all the time! When something happens, I so easily feel like I’m shivering in the shadow of impending disaster, when I’m really about as “at risk” as being turned around in a corny ol’ corn maze! 

And my Heavenly Dad is watching me! He sees from above and knows exactly where I am.

And just like that petrified family whipped out those cell phones to call for help, all I have to do is “ring the prayer bells of Heaven!”

“Prayer bells of heaven! Oh how sweetly they ring!
Bearing a message unto Jesus our king!
When you are burdened down with sorrows and care
Ring on and on for God will answer your prayer!”

Corny, but true!