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Blog: Tom Job

A Note From Tom: May 11th, 2012

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey everyone!

Or as we say over here on the Costa Brava in Spain,  "hola a todos!" 

Wow! So far this has been an awesome time! I'm over here at the Western European Young Life staff conference near Barcelona...I was supposed to come here to encourage all of them but, as usual, just being around them encourages me more!! As Lee and Pottsie know, the same thing even happens to us tons of times when we go to the Anderson County Jail and encourage guys who have come to love jesus in there! So, hanging out with brothers and sisters in Christ, who are serving Him with Young Life far from home...if it's more encouraging for me than for them...well, what did I expect?! 

And it's amazing how encouraging y'all are, just thinking about all of you at Triple C from across the ocean! Like last night...

We were doing this thing they call "punto rojo" or the "red dot". It's all about the red dot on the maps with the arrow that says, "you are here"...It's a time for each person to "get real" and share where they are in their walk and adventure here with Jesus. If it's tough, or if they're going through hard trials, they share these. Many began with, "I feel like I'm in a time of transition right now..." with some situation leading them to major changes or difficult adjustments. Many are having tough times and trying, tiring days.

I honestly had to tell them, "I feel like I'm in a time of transition life is sooooo blessed! My church is super sweet, filled with people who love and praise Jesus so much! The leaders of it are an amazing "dream team", frankly My life is so full of men and women of God, friends who simply encourage me all the time! My pastor team at church is a blessing I never imagined i could ever have! My kids and their mates are all awesome! My grand kids (those here and those on the way!) are all super awesome! I'm in love with my best friend and she feels the same about me! My life is transitioning to...awesomeness!!"

Its amazing how everyone, wherever i get to go, who knows Triple C in some way, just loves it! 

And they love y'all! 

It's fun to get away sometimes and blessed we are for you! 

Con tanta gratitud!