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Blog: Tom Job

A Note From Tom: September 21st, 2011

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!!

Hope you’re having a super-encouraging, “September-ish” kinda week! (which would be appropriate, since it IS September!) And if you’re not having an encouraging week, and you’re needing some encouragement, here’s a little tip…maybe, just ask God for some! Jesus said that the Holy Spirit is so good at it, His other name is “the Encourager”! Encouragement is totally His thing!

And sometimes it can come from the most unexpected places!

One of the most encouraging people who ever lived was the British professor, C. S. Lewis. He encouraged the entire British Empire to hold on to God during the darkest of days of the bombing of London and the Second World War. They said, after Churchill, his voice was the best known in all of England! And he encouraged kids (little and big!) around the world with his amazing stories about a little girl in magic snow and a faun with a package and an umbrella, and everything that happened after that.

Those stories also had a lion in them.

But about a month before he died (on the same day as JFK)…tired, sick, and lonely…he got a letter from a little girl, thanking him for his beautiful Narnia books and for all they had meant to her.

This unexpectedly encouraged him so much!

He wrote her back.

This unexpectedly encouraged her so much!

His answer was…

“Dear Ruth,

Many thanks for your kind letter, and it was very good of you to write and tell me that you like my books; and what a very good letter you write for your age!

If you continue to love Jesus, nothing much can go wrong with you, and I hope you will always do so…

God bless you.”

Wow! All I have to do is love Jesus and nothing much can go wrong with me!

This unexpectedly encouraged me so much!

And it has for a long time!

If you’re kinda down or worried today, all you have to do is love Jesus and nothing much can go wrong with you!

Maybe this can unexpectedly encourage you!

If you asked God for encouragement at the beginning of reading this, maybe your prayer just got answered!