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Blog: Tom Job

A note from Tom: June 3rd

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!!



Oh…sorry. I was just using a little texting abbreviations. I said (in texting) “Hope you’re having an awesome day!”

Somehow there is this almost-a-language that has developed with everyone texting everyone else. It’s just quicker to shorten sentences by abbreviating everything! Like…

“tafn” means “That’s all for now!”

“tmb” means “text me back”

“@teotd” stands for “…at the end of the day”

“2g2bt” translates “too good to be true”.

“rotfl” is “rolling on the floor laughing” because somebody just said something that was omg (“Oh my gosh”) so hilarious that you just lol (“laugh out loud’). Otoh (“on the other hand”) it’s possible to say something ssinf (“so stupid it’s not funny”).

Obtw (“oh by the way”) I had to look these things up! I’m terrible at texting!


R u rotfl?

I wonder tho…

Bitd (“Back in the day”) when folks wrote out their whole thoughts from a full heart on curled up paper with pens they dipped in bottles of ink…

…did they say more? Did they say it more deeply? Did they think more about what they said and felt? Did they feel it more fully?

Are we losing something?

I was just thinking about this because I read a beautiful letter that the Prime Minister of England, William Pitt, wrote to his friend, William Wilberforce in 1784 after hearing that Wilberforce had become a very deep Christian (“an enthusiast”, they called it) and that there was the potential that the two friends might find themselves disagreeing on issues because of this. Here’s just a little of it…

“My dear Wilberforce,

…I am indeed too deeply interested in whatever concerns you not to be very sensibly affected by what has the appearance of being a new era in your life. As to any public conduct which your opinions may ever lead you to, I will not disguise to you that fewer things could go nearer my heart than to find myself differing from you essentially on any great principle.

I trust and believe that this is a circumstance which could hardly occur. But if it should, and even if I should experience as much pain in such an event, as I have found hitherto encouragement and pleasure in the reverse, believe me it is impossible that it should shake the sentiments of affection and friendship which I bear towards you…They are sentiments engraved on my heart, and will never be effaced or weakened…

Reflect, I beg of you, that no principles are the worse for being discussed, and believe me that at all events the full knowledge of the nature and extent of your opinions and intentions will be to me a lasting satisfaction.

Believe me, affectionately and unalterably yours,

W Pitt”

Basically, he was just saying, “You’ll always be my bff.”

But there’s something about saying it…writing it…telling someone what they mean to you.

The Apostle Paul wrote to some near his heart…”Therefore, my brothers, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, that is how you should stand firm in the Lord, dear friends!” (Phil 4.1)

Twita! (“That’s what I’m talking about”)

I got a bunch of texts last week that I can’t remember. I got a hand-written note of encouragement (that I needed!) in the mail. I remember it! In fact I kept it!

Somebody need a note of encouragement from you?

Tafn (“that’s all for now’)