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Blog: Tom Job

A note from Tom: June 11th

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!

Hope you’re having an “APFF” so far! (“awesome, praise-filled Friday”)…It’s gonna be a hot one! I remember once the weather guy saying, “The atmosphere is going to be hot and unstable today”, and the guy who reports the traffic conditions said, “Hey! That sounds like my first wife!” Anywhoooo…

Speaking of hot, here’s something that may be hotter than you realized…”Georging”!



“What on earth is georging?”

Glad you asked! (Otherwise this email would be basically over…)

“Georging” is when people (“georgers”) write “” (as in, “Where’s George?”…as in George Washington’s face on the $1 bill)) on dollar bills, and other people who receive that bill go to, enter the serial number of the bill at the web site and you can find out everywhere that dollar’s been in it’s circulatory “life”.

“Who cares?”

Thanks fer askin’, again! Apparently a lotta people do. 3.2 million have done it and “…as of May 31, 2010, Where's George? is tracking 172,819,383 bills totaling more than $934,977,706!” One pizza delivery guy has registered over 130,000 $1 bills by himself! The furthest one ever went in its travels is 14,000 miles from Springfield, IL (Lincoln’s home…shoulda been a $5!) to Samoa to Oregon!

George gets around!
Y’know, after reading all that, I just started thinking the other day…you all at CCC are soooo faithful to give to God and to His work here at CCC!! It is sooo beautiful to watch how He puts it on the hearts of sooo many to be sooo faithful in giving!

Here’s what Paul told the Philippians about their giving to God’s work:

“I have received…the gifts you sent. They are a fragrant offering… pleasing to God.”

In other words, the way you give…mmmm! Sure smells good!

But I was thinking in a “georging” kinda way…about where the money you give, goes. Where does it travel?…

Some of the “Georges” you give to the work at CCC will be on their way to Sharp Top Cove in Georgia, later next week! Young Life of Oak Ridge and Clinton is taking 50some kids to Young Life camp! Many of the kids who are going, LOVE Jesus! But many who are going, don’t know Him yet. I know many kids will come to know Christ this week!  Y’all help Young Life happen in Anderson County!

Some of your “georges” go to India to support Indian evangelists who travel on bikes to villages where Jesus’ name has never been spoken! They face hostility and threats but share His love week by week!

Some of your money goes to Chicago so Glen, Jane, Mike, Gloria, and Jed can share the love of Jesus to the “least of these” (as they love to say!) and help ex-offenders, addicts, and felons come to know the “love that passes all understanding”. And some of them went to a computer store to buy a computer for Jed so he can make and produce music to reach kids who love heavy, “screamo” music, and who can’t be reached any other way!

Some of your money goes to Spain so kids who live far from their homeland and extended family can come to know the One who never changes in their uncertain and constantly changing world.

Some goes to Missouri so Bill, after years of serving Jesus all over, can reach kids where he grew up, and fulfill the words of Jesus…”"Go home and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you."

Some goes to France so Bible studies and churches can begin in Alpine villages where people have never had a chance to really hear the Message in a way they can understand it.

Some goes to Africa so that kids without parents can have a safe, loving, Jesus-filled home in Tanzania, and so that five language groups can finally have some Scriptures in their own language!

Some goes to Italy so that people on the streets can have an encounter with the Message of Jesus and come to know “l’amore di Gesu’ che sorpassa ogni intendimento!”!

Someone told me that families at CCC probably support over 50 (!) kids through Compassion International around the world! Those 32 “georges” per month per child, are going all over the planet!

More incredibly amazing than that, is this! Jesus said that if you give to the poor, you have treasure in heaven! He said when you give, you store your treasure in Heaven! When you give…as you give…and because you give… so that others can eat, live, and know love in Jesus, your “georges” go to Heaven!

That’s travelin’! Try to bet that, all you “georgers” out there!

I thank God for y’all!