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Blog: Tom Job

A note from Tom: May 13th

CCC Oak Ridge

I’m just sitting here in the Atlanta airport, waiting for the AirFrance 4:20 flight to Munich, Germany…just sitting here, thankful…for you all!   I haven’t even left and I miss everyone!  I’m just going to be gone a week and it feels like I’m going to Antarctica for three months!   I am so thankful for Triple C!

And I’m so thankful for opportunities like this!  I get to go encourage a hundred or so Young Life folks who are serving Jesus with their whole life. They are reaching kids who live on our US military bases across Europe and Asia. Many of these kids have parents who are far from home, in Afghanistan or Iraq. They get lonely and they are searching.  It is sooooo awesome that Young Life is there for them!!  These brothers and sisters I’m going to talk to, are also far from home, so they can reach and help these kids.  I’m bettin’ that some of them might also be discouraged and disheartened. I hope I can help them!

I’m soooo thankful for a church that sends me to do stuff like this!  I ask God sometimes for opportunities to serve Him in different ways…and I get to!  (Y’all pray for me!  I’ll be here ‘til Friday the 21st!)  I’m sooo thankful for a church family that cares about people everywhere!  Victor Nandigam, the one from India who takes the message everywhere to people who have never heard of Jesus before, said that Triple C is the smallest of all the churches that support his work, but it’s the one that gives the most!  He said, “it’s my home church in the States!” Wow!!

No wonder I’ve only been gone 2 and a half hours and I miss y’all already!