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Blog: Tom Job

A note from Tom: May 7th

CCC Oak Ridge

Wow! What an awesome day this is going to be! Just in case you haven’t heard…

“Friday:  Mostly sunny, breezy and very warm with highs in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees.  Showers will be possible overnight Friday into early Saturday…”

Did you catch that? It might rain a little while you’re sleeping…then…manana…

“…Clearing skies with cooler temperatures this weekend, but very nice…  “


Who could possibly complain on a day like this?!




I don’t mean to, of course! And the only thing I could ever think of to complain about on this amaazzzzing day is that it’s only five days ‘til I go to Germany.  It is going to AWESOME!!   I get to go to a retreat for Young Life staff folks who work with US military kids on our bases across Europe and Asia!  It’s going to be super fun and encouraging!!  And it’s kinda up in the Austrian Alps where the “hills are alive with the sound of music!”


“So whatcha complainin’ about?”


Nothing…’cept…flying scares me a little still… and Tina’s not going and I don’t like being far from her…and I don’t sleep well unless I can look over and see her… and I thought I was leaving on Thursday but we found out I leave on Wednesday and I don’t have as many days to get “psyched”…and…well…when you write it out, I really don’t have anything to complain about.


And I found out this week that compared to some, I REALLLLY don’t!


I spent a lot of time with my friend from India, Victor Nandigam, one of our Triple C missionaries. Wow! What a dude!  He’s my hero!  God uses him in such an unbelievable way! He has baptized 6000 converts to Jesus himself! The Indian missionaries he oversees have started 350 churches! Wow!


But his life is soooo difficult!  I’m getting ready to spend nine days away. He spends fifteen to twenty days away from home every month! Traveling on hot, crowded, steamy trains for eighteen hours at a time! He sleeps in bamboo huts when he’s not at home. These awesome believers are persecuted relentlessly for their faith in Jesus.


But they are filled with faith and joy! And love for our Savior! They are unstoppable! I want to be like them!!


Paul says in 2 Corinthian 10 that it isn’t wise to compare ourselves with others. But…


When I compare my life with what God has called other brothers and sisters in Christ to, I don’t want to ever complain about anything ever again!!


So, Austrian Alps, here I come! YODELL-EEEHHHH-HHHEEE-HHHOOOOOOO!!