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Blog: Lee Younger

What Really Happens When You Pray?

CCC Oak Ridge

Do you ever pray and feel like absolutely nothing happens? Do you ever feel like your prayer comes out of your face, floats up in the air for a second and then smashes into a giant iron-plated ceiling and then disappears?

Where is God? Why didn’t He show up? What happened to your prayer?

Let me tell you what happened... (And look, I know it doesn’t feel like this, but life is full of things that feel different than they truly are) This is what happened when you prayed:

You were hurting. You were struggling. You were desperate, so you cried out to God. Your cry floated out of your heart and went straight into the heart of God. He heard you. God saw you hurting and became angry. The earth quaked. The foundations trembled! God was exploding with anger like a fire-breathing dragon because you were having a hard time! The Almighty Maker of heaven and earth ripped open heaven itself. He tore back the sky and thundered from on high! He called angels to Himself and rode them like flying, flaming waterskis out of heaven! He covered Himself with darkness and zoomed toward your distress. There was a wake of burning coals, peals of lightening and thunder as He rode forth with terror in His wings. He screamed and out came arrows of destruction and hailstorms! He was scattering your enemies! He flew straight to you and took hold of you, rescuing you bringing you into a spacious place. He rescued you because He delights in you. You see, God doesn’t just love you. He also likes you.

I know that sometimes when you pray it feels like nothing happens, but there’s more going on behind the scenes that you could ever guess. Wanna know how I know that’s true? It’s right there in Psalm 18. Go check it out for yourself. He loves you. He likes you. He hears you and He acts.