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Blog: Lee Younger

The Super-Encouraging Stuff About Satan

CCC Oak Ridge

You wanna be encouraged? Okay, then let's think about Satan.

I know, that doesn’t seem like the most encouraging topic, right? Well, hang in there, because when you really think about the devil, there’s actually a whole lot to be encouraged about:

I mean, sure. He seems like a really scary dude. He and his cronies have caused a whole lot of problems for us normal folks trying to make it through our lives day-to-day. He’s mean and ruthless. He hates our Lord but he doesn’t even care about you enough to hate you. He is a liar, a murderer and completely fueled and motivated by pure evil. He is invisible, bitter and crafty.

But there’s positive stuff too!

For one thing, he’s got a dooms day coming his way and you don’t! The devil is is like that carton of milk in your fridge - it seems perfectly stout today, but it’s going down and soon.

For another thing, (as Charles Spurgeon said) “Satan is a chimp on a chain” - in other words, that diabolical creep can’t move a muscle in your life without the express consent of our Lord. He has to ask permission to stick his mitts in my life - which is good because it means we’re operating according to God’s plan, not Satan’s.

But, there’s something else about our enemy that you should be really encouraged about today, and it is this: That old rascal is actually going to help you in your relationship with the Lord. That pitiful, defeated hoodlum is going to do you a favor all day long today - that is, he is going to show you exactly where you need to grow.

You see, today you are going to be tempted in certain ways. You may be bombarded by fears. You may be overwhelmed with dark clouds of doubt or worry. You may feel the fires of lust knocking on your door or you may be outrunning anger all day long. Whatever it is that is tempting you, scaring you or getting you down and confused, you can be sure that the devil is behind it.

It’s actually a beautiful little arrangement - If Satan goes after something in your life, you stop what you’re doing, take that thing to the Lord as honestly as you know how and unload it on Jesus. Beg Him to help you and praise Him for His strength and love for you. Maybe tell a friend you’re struggling and that you need some prayer. Before you know it, you are closer to Jesus and closer to your friend, all because that old devil tried to mess with you. It’s as if Satan’s attacks show you exactly where you need to grow and then gives you just the opportunity you needed to come to Jesus in a time of weakness and lean on Him for help!

Wow! Satan is not only totally defeated and subservient to our Lord’s plan with a quickly-approaching expiration date, but he shows me exactly where I need to grow and gives me excuses to get help and get closer to Jesus! That works out rather nicely...

So be encouraged - even the devil provides a true man or woman of God with a reason to smile.