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Blog: Lee Younger

The Worst Ever

CCC Oak Ridge

I’m going to ask you a question and I don’t want you to think about it. I just want you to answer it as quickly as possible with your gut response. Ready? Okay, here we go: If Jesus came to your town today and you knew you were going to get to meet Him face to face, what would you do an hour before that?

Be honest, now. 

Would you pick out your best clothes? Would you fast and pray? Would you confess every sin you could think of that you had done that day? Would you have 14 quiet times and try to memorize a bunch of Scripture real quick?

We naturally think that if we are going to hang out with Jesus, we need to be at our best. We need to be trying as hard as possible to be awesome for Him before we go to meet Him. It’s natural to think that way, but it’s totally mistaken. You see, you don’t even really go to meet with Him. It’s actually the other way around. One day Jesus did show up in a town and people crowded the streets to get a glimpse of Him or perhaps hear His voice. I’m sure some folks pulled out all the stops to impress him with their piety and pricey outfits, but Jesus isn’t impressed by that sort of thing. He passed by all the religious folks. He passed by all the important folks. He passed by all the impressive folks and went straight up to the worst person in the whole town. The worst ever. This guy was so unimpressive, he was hiding in a tree to avoid being noticed. But Jesus saw Him anyway. He always sees us. He called Zacchaues by name and said, “Come on down from there. Let’s be friends!”

You don’t have to clean up your act to go meet with Jesus. In fact, He’s coming to find you -- even if you think you’re the worst ever.