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Blog: Lee Younger

New Instincts

CCC Oak Ridge

Every person has natural reactions to certain situations. They’re called instincts. You were born with them and they totally make sense. When something doesn’t go your way, you get frustrated. When someone hurts you, you get angry and you might get even. When problems strike your life, you become afraid and sometimes you even panic. The things you care most about are the things that are good for you and help you. The stuff you work hardest at is the stuff that benefits you

And hey, if I’m describing you, don’t worry. It’s totally natural. We are all born like this: Wanting our way, our kind of justice and our kind of comfort. Our instincts are bent toward selfishness.

Here’s the great thing though: That’s not where this story ends. When you come to know Jesus, He makes a home down inside your heart and begins re-decorating the place so that He feels at home there. The remodeling process can be painful and slow, but He is changing things around. All of a sudden, when someone hurts you, you’ll feel the desire to hurt them back, but you’ll also feel this tug towards forgiveness and love. All of a sudden, when problems roll into your life, you’ll want to freak out, and yet this still, small voice will be saying, “Shhh... it’s okay. Trust me and be at peace.” You’ll feel the pull of selfishness all the time, but you’ll also feel a burden for the pain of others and when you answer that call, it will change everything.  

Jesus is going to change you. If you want to speed up the process, start asking Him to speak up. Invite Him into the remodel with open arms. It will be hard and sometimes it will hurt; but soon, you’ll start to have new desires, new affections and even new instincts. Go for it. After all, the only you’ve got to lose is selfishness.