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Weeky E-News

Three Daffodils Blooming

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey everyone!

Hope you're having the most encouraging day ever! Which I am because I saw something today I wasn't expecting!

Not that I wasn't expecting this, but I wasn't thinking it be so soon. I mean, I knew that eventually I would see this thing but I don't think I was really even  thinking about it, so when I saw them…

Hold on. I'm making this more complicated than it needs to be.

I'm just gonna say it.

Today, I saw three daffodils blooming! And, Yes! It was so encouraging! Soooo good to know that warm, spring days ARE on the way!

Three little blossoms and your whole day's better!

Speaking of three…

The other day, I heard three little words that I didn't expect to hear but they just filled my heart with joy and sent me on my way singing! Three little words that made my whole day…and maybe my life…better!!

"What?!  It was just Valentine's Day and we all know that girl of yours says those three words to you all the time anyway! How could THOSE three words be unexpected?"

Wait! I didn't mean Tina!  And I wasn't talking about THOSE three little words.It was three totally different words and I had no idea how awesome it would be to hear them!

Three little words and I'm still reelin'!

I've been interested in  how we might be able to reach out to students who have disabilities. I had heard of a ministry of Young Life, called "Capernaum". It's just like regular Young Life except it's for kids with all kinds of physical and mental disabilities. They had a big meeting…they call it "Young Life Club"…for "Capernaum kids" the other night in Knoxville and someone suggested that I come check it out. Gotta admit I was a little nervous. "Would I know what to say?…Would I be awkward?…Would I say anything dumb?…Would they like me?…Would I feel like an outsider?…How do you start conversations?…Could I ever do this?" I felt like it was my first day of middle school.

There were probably 70 to 80 leaders and kids from all over Knox County! They were having soooo much fun! Those leaders, mostly college kids, love those kids and care about them in the most amazing way! They offer to kids whom many overlook…or look away from… love, respect, friendship, and Jesus!

Nothing cooler ever!

I met a young man named Charlie. We sat in back and talked and laughed and shared. We listened together with all the kids and leaders to the sweetest talk about Jesus. Then we laughed at crazy games. In the end, the whole thing turns into a dance party! The most fun they ever have! Busting out all their moves to Katy Perry and Taylor Swift! Kids in wheelchairs out there with their hands in the air! Even me!

As I got ready to head out, so thankful I had come and gotten past my hesitations, and filled with hope that we could reach out to kids like this in OR someday, Charlie came up to me and hugged me. And he said three words.

"Thanks for coming!"

What?! I was nervous about going…Didn't know if I'd fit…And a new friend was thankful I came!

Wow! Three words…and just the ones I needed to hear!

Daffadils and beautiful words can come in  threes...

"You're the best"
"Let's get together!"
"I'll be there!"
"See you then"
"I've missed you!"
"Have some time?"
"Can we talk?"
"I love you"
"Please forgive me."
"Praying for you!"
"Thinking of you"
"Thankful for you"

I remember a song we loved from waaaay back in the day. It was one of Steven Curtis Chapman's classics.

There's a girl who's waiting day after day
To hear her daddy say "I love you,"
Now the days have turned to years.
There's a wall that silence has turned to stone
Between a man and woman,
She's holding back the tears
And he's holding on to his fear.

But while it's still called today,
Won't somebody make it right
Before the day slips into night
and the moments waste away?
While it is still called today,
We've got to say the words
That are longing to be heard
'cause tomorrow may be too late
Go on and say what you need to say
While it is still called today.

'Cause there's a time when the sun goes down
And the flowers are laid on the grave
Will the tears that fall to the ground
Be the tears of regret for the words someone didn't say?

While it is still called today, we've got to say the words
That are longing to be heard 'cause tomorrow may be too late
Go on and say what you need to say while it is still called today

Got anything you need to say to someone?