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Blog: Tom Job

A Note from Tom: July 23rd

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!

“Finally home!”

That’s how I felt on Wednesday after a couple of long days. We spent Monday driving to Chicago with all our awesome Triple C team, laughin’ and yakkin’ all day. Then Tuesday was doing that “Chicago thang” at the Bridge. All day Wednesday, I drove home. From the Windy City to Rocky Top in ten hours. I had to go home early because Emi and Graham were coming in and everyone was waiting to party at Mary and Ben’s when I arrived home…

“Finally home!”

Our brother and friend Dan Kuban is finally home! Dan had to “go home early” after two years of walking with God through cancer’s struggles. There was a humongous party waiting for him when he finally arrived home!

Dan was (and is…more than ever!) a person who was (and is…more than ever!) soooo totally devoted to loving Jesus with all the fullness of his heart. Because of that, he loooved being “out there”…where hearts were hurting and tears were flowing…where people are the poorest and the need is the greatest… sharing the love of Jesus with those who need Him and know it.  He loved being in those places! He loved those places because he loved people so much with the love he had for Jesus…and from Jesus.


Dan was like…

…those guys in the Gospels who first followed Jesus. I could just see him with those dudes! Read those stories. Y’all who knew him…can’t you picture him in the middle of all that?

…jumpin’ out of the boat and doing a back flip on the beach,  the day they decided to leave their nets and follow Him full-time…

…shoutin’  and high fivin’ the others when Jesus stopped a funeral and gave a woman her son back…

…walking breadbaskets of miracle loaves to the five thousand scattered on the hill, praising and laughing, and hugging hungry kids as he worked …

…risking his life in Jerusalem streets, telling any who would listen that Jesus is risen and alive! And that he knew it was true!

Dan knew it was true.

To me, he was so much like those first followers!

He was as close as you get in our times, to being one of them!

On Thursday…at the party…they told him so!

We love and miss you, brother!