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Blog: Tom Job

A Note from Tom: October 15th, 2010

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!!

Hope you’re having an awesome, beautiful, praise-filled day! Today, we are…


You’re not having an awesome day? What’s up? Having problems you didn’t anticipate?


Probably wouldn’t help to let you know that it could be worse.

But it could be.

I was telling the dudes at the jail that one guy said that the way he makes it through tough times is to always remember that “it could be worse!...”

“When I’m having a tough time at work with the boss, I just remember…it could be worse! When I’m criticized for things I do and don’t feel appreciated, I just remember…it could be worse! When I feel like my car’s not as shiny and/or new as someone’s I know (who doesn’t work as hard as me!) I just remember…it could be worse! When I feel I don’t make as much as I should, I just think…it could be worse! Sometimes I wake up in the morning, look over at the Mrs. sleeping there, and remember…!”

Speakin’ of…

I was reading the Book of Job the other day and…it really couldn’t have been worse! You know the story of all the million terrible things that happened to him because (he didn’t know this of course!) God was showing Satan what faithful people are like. Job had a lot of “consternation” (as they used to call it) but he never lost his trust in God. He did express plenty of anguish, however. And one point he said, “Why did God give me life if I’m always going to hedged in? There’s this hedge around me and I can’t get around it!” (3.23)

“…I just wish God wouldn’t pay so much attention to me! Every morning You just…watch me!  Will You NEVER look away? And leave me alone…even for a second?!” (7 17-19)


And you wouldn’t want it any other way!

Y’know that hedge that’s got you so flustered? In chapter one, Satan, the “father of lies”, said one true thing. “God, You’ve put a hedge around Job! And because of it, nothing happens top him that you don’t permit! Because of that dang hedge, I can’t do a thing to him if You don’t give me permission! It’s humiliating!”

Job was right! He was hedged in! By his heavenly Dad! For his safety and protection! And if anything got through it, it was because, for His own wise reasons and for Job’s ultimate good, the Father allowed it!

Job, do you really want God to look away from you? Think about it. He’s not just watching you. He’s watching OVER you!

The other day at the ol’ jailhouse, Lee led the guys in singing the most beautiful song…

“I lift my eyes up to the hills.

Where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord…

He is watching over you, even while you dream!

He is taking care of you.

He never falls asleep…”

“Guys, did you know that God watches you all night? He never gets tired.

Better than that…He never gets tired…of you! He watches over you and never gets tired of what He sees when He sees you!”

“Mmmmm…”, they said.

Got that right!