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Weeky E-News

Weekly e-News March 2nd, 2018

CCC Admin

Hey, everyone!

Hope today is an awesome one! 

Yesterday was!

There was a nice thing I was kinda hoping (and praying!) would happen sometime ago…
And then it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen…
I even forgot about it…
And then…out of the blue… it did! 

Nicer than I was hoping it would be! 

It isn’t always that way, I know. 

I’ve had loads of times when I’ve asked God for things and He has had to say, “No, son”. 

If I ever pushed and squirmed and schemed to make it happen anyway, I usually would find out why it wasn’t a good idea.

I’m kinda like the kid who was saying his prayers with his mom and dad before bed…”And God, bless mommy and daddy…”

Then he yelled as loud as he could, ‘“AND GOD I REALLY REALLY WANT A BMX BIKE FOR CHRISTMAS!!”

“Honey, you don’t have to yell. God isn’t deaf.”
“Yeah, but Grampa almost is and he’s all the way downstairs!”

But sometimes…


After you’ve waited for something from God…

and waited…

And maybe even kind of forget about it…


He does something that is more than you asked…or even hoped for!

I can’t stop thinking about old memories living up there between my ears about Billy…

I loved Billy Graham so much! 

And Ruth was such an amazing person! Honest, gifted, super compassionate, funny…

They asked her what she wanted on her tombstone when she was gone. 
“I want what it says on the sign at the end of road work they’re doing on the interstate after you’ve been sitting in long delays in your car”

“What’s that?” they asked.…

Billy’s body will be laid by hers today. By the tombstone that says…
“End of construction. Thank you for your patience!”

Ruth grew up in China where her dad was a missionary surgeon. Once time in 1980, as she and her sisters and brother were returning to China to visit their childhood home, they stopped at the US State Department to see if there was finally an answer to a request they’d made for a Chinese Christian woman to get her son and daughter out of China so they could join her in California. Every effort proved unsuccessful.

But the mom told her she could wait on God. 

She told about a penny-less little kid in China who stopped and stared at cherries on a sidewalk fruit stand. 
The kind grocer looked down. 
“Want some?” 
The boy nodded. 
“Stick out your hands.”
He wouldn’t.
“C’mon! Stick out your hands!”
Wouldn’t again.
Frustrated, the grocer scooped up two handfuls and poured them out into the boy’s shirt that the kid held out by the hem.
“Why wouldn’t you put your hands out?” an old lady asked the boy.
“His hands were bigger than mine.”

“Unto Him Who is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all we could ask or even think…”

(The kids made it to the Golden State!)