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Weeky E-News

Weekly e-News August 4, 2017

CCC Admin

Hola a todos!
I mean, Hey, everyone! 
So, here I am, your roving reporter in beeeeeautiful Panta de Sau, by a lake a couple of hours outside of Barcelona, Spain helping an unbelievably amazing team of Young Life staff and volunteers during a week of training and preparing for another week of kids coming to have the "best week of their life" and hear talks everyday about Jesus and His amazing love! If some open their heart to Him (and they will!), it'll be one of "the best weeks of their eternity"! 
I love getting to do these things!
Except that I don't always love GETTING to these things! 
Thinking about climbing into an aluminum tube and spending nine hours a mile above our earth, can fill my heart with various "concerns"...
Ok. You're right. They're not "concerns". Just plain ol' worries.
 "Lord, what if we have turbulance ? You know I hate when the "Fasten Your Seatbelt" sign comes on! And whatif they lose my bag and it doesn't come up the shoot at baggage claim? Remember when that happened traveling to that retreat in italy and I had to wear other people's clothes for three days? You just don't feel like yourself in other people's clothes!!..." (Btw, it made it this time!) "...What if the guy beside me on the flight snores like crazy? What if he's asleep and leans over on me? Or worse, drools on me! Lord, what if..."
As you can tell, I pray a bunch when I am on these trips! I pray most getting to them! I said one this time in the little, teeny, tiny bathroom on the flight! "Lord, peace! I need peace! In my heart! Please!" Then I thought, "This is ok, right? It's ok to pray in the bathroom, right?"
Actually, some great prayers have been prayed in there!
The other day I was reading that this woman who is a frequent attendee of Alcoholic Anonymous meeting was talking with a young Latino construction worker she met at AA. He said that many of his colleagues on the job drink a lot. Since he was striving for a life of sobriety from the alcoholism that was destroying his life, he spends a lot of time in the port-a-potty at the jobsite. He goes in there to pray and ask God for minute-by-minute help!
“There is a tiny mirror inside of the port-a-potty door,” he explained. “I go and look in the mirror and I say, ‘Hector, you no want to drink or do drugs. Think about your wife. Think about your baby.’ And I ask for God to help me.”
The port-a-potty becomes his sanctuary!
You can ask God to help you anywhere!
And I thank y'all for praying for me while I'm here in Barcelona!
Even if you do it... well, you know where!