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Weeky E-News

Tell 'em

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!

It goes without saying, but I hope y'all are having a day filled with praise and…



I need to start this whole thing over 'cause I started out from the very beginning saying something really dopey!

"What? That 'Hey, everyone' thing? You say that every time!"

No, not that.

The next thing! That "It goes without saying" thing...Shouldn'ta said it!

I'm starting to think that there is too much of that! 

I'm starting to feel that there are too many times that I assume that folks know what I feel or want for them and that it isn't necessary to say it. "It just goes without saying", as they say. 

But, you know what? It really doesn't! 

There are so many folks who walk around with a heart full of questions they shouldn't be asking. 

"Does that person care for me? 

Do they like me? 

Will they be waiting when I get there? 

If I need them, can I call? 

Would I bother them? 

Am I one of them? 

Do they think about me?"

"And why do they ask this?" you ask.

Because it doesn't go without saying!

If you care, you need to say it!

If you're friends, let 'em know!

If they can count on you, tell 'em so!

You need to say it!

The other day I was listening to a bunch of bluegrass and country songs shuffling on a playlist and I heard the coolest song by a singer that Tina and I love named Claire Lynch. The banjo was ringing', with a groovy fiddle jumpin' in'… But even tho' the melody was bright and light, the words made this the saddest song I've heard in a long time!

"He's so fine!

No ordinary kind of thinker!

Half the time 

i stop and wonder what is on his mind.

I have to tell myself he loves me, 

'cause he don't like too talk about.

What he feels, he keeps it in his own hip pocket

that's the deal and I just have to take or leave it.

But in my heart i know he loves me.

He just don't like talk about it.

Sometimes I wish he would tell me more!

Move me with flowery phrases!

Swear by the heavens his everlasting love!

Its hard for him to say he loves me.

He just don't like to talk about it.

But still i find I wouldn't change a thing about him.

Why should I?

I never want to live without him.

He doesn't have to say he loves me,

if he don't like to talk about it."

What!? Yes he does! 

This poor heart is on the edge of broken! She's sitting there, telling herself that he loves her! Trying to talk herself into believing it! 

'Cause he won't say it!

"'Cause he don't like to talk about it!"

C'mon, man!

Say it!!

My heart was so perturbed! 

Sometimes bluegrass will do that to a person...

But then another song came on the shuffle! This one was written by Paul Overstreet ("You say it best when you say nothing at all"…Remember that one?) He's one of the sweetest and one of the best at writing country songs for a healthy heart.

Listen to this…

"He stood looking at his father who is 85 years old

He remembered all the ball games they played so long ago.

Then he put his arm around him and kissed him on the cheek.

He said 'Dad, it's time I told you what a friend you've been to me!'

'Cause when you love someone

You gotta let 'em know.

When you're thinking of someone

You need to tell 'em so.

Don't know what makes us think

Our minds and our hearts can be read!

What's going without saying should be said!

She stood in the kitchen doorway, all grown up with children, too,

Watching as her mama cooked just like she used to do.

She slowly walked up to her and she held her wrinkled hands

She said, 'Do you know you are the greatest mom a daughter ever had?'

'Cause when you love someone

You gotta let 'em know.

When you're thinking of someone

You need to tell 'em so.

Don't know what makes us think

Our minds and our hearts can be read!

What's going without saying should be said!

No one needs your roses

When the sun of life's gone down.

If you're gonna send a message of your love

Then send it now!

'I don't believe I've let you hear the things you should have heard.

I don't believe I've truly put my feelings into words.

'Cause to me you are so beautiful, much more then words can say!

But if you don't mind and you've got the time

I'd like to try today!'

'Cause when you love someone

You gotta let 'em know

When you're thinking of someone

you need to tell 'em so

I don't know what makes me think

My mind and my heart can be read

What's going without saying should be said!"

I was talking to someone recently and asked, "Did your dad tell you that he loved you?"

"Yes he did! But it was later in his life that he really started to say it freely."

"Did you teach him by telling him you loved him?"

"Yeah. I guess I did."

There are lessons that are passed down from father to son, but what better lesson could be passed up from son to father?

If you love someone, why don't you tell them today!

What's going without saying should be said!