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100 Ogden Lane
Oak Ridge, TN 37830


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CCC Oak Ridge

Hey everyone!

What an awesome day!! It is gonna be a fantastic day for whatever you feel like doing today! Like praising! 

Or like jogging! I bet I will! But something weird happened the other day…

I was looking for some jogging shoes on the internet. There is a new kind I've been looking into. But then, when I was checking out the news on another website, there was a little ad on the news site for the same shoes I was just looking at on the other site! I thought it was really weird! Did someone know that I was looking at those same shoes right before? How did they know to put one of those little ads on the the side of the other site?

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That's one thing that is good about these Friday emails! There aren't annoying ads trying to get you to do things! It's just a thought to encourage you in your walk with Jesus and for your day! You have enough folks trying to get you to do this or join that! Sometimes even in ways you don't realize! The other day, I was reading that there whydontyoujoinoneofourcommunitygroups is a technique that advertisers use called "subliminal messages". The idea is that they joinacommunitygroup make a thought or an ad flash by your eyes so fast that theymeetat930 you don't even know you saw it! Can you imagine? They used it recently on the Food cmonandcometoacommunitygroup Network during the "Iron Chef America" show. When they viewed the show in slow joinacommunitygroup motion, the McDonald's logo and their motto, "I'm lovin' it!" were suddenly visible for a moment, tho' at regular speed therearefourtochoosefrom you couldn't see it! It is way of tricking your brain into receiving communitygroupsrock the message without realizing it! It's hard to believe that people would stoop to these levels! 

I feel like if you want to encourage someone to do something, just say it! Take our community groups that we have at Triple C on Sunday mornings, for example. I'm just gonna say it! We'd love for you to come to one if you don't! They meet at 9:30, so you're already gonna be there later anyway! There are places for kids! And they are opportunities to be together with your brothers and sisters in Jesus and get to know each other better, share our burdens, pray together, laugh together, learn together and grow together! It's kind of like an "intentional friendship"! And just by coming, you're telling everyone there, "You matter to me! I want to encourage you!" It's just such a healthy thing to do!

So, c'mon! Join one! Hope to see you there this Sunday! 

(Side effects may include slight side pain from laughing too much, temporary loss of vision due to increased tear production, heart warming or broken heartedness. Don't seek a doctor if you have encouragement or elation lasting longer than four days. Its supposed to help you make it through the entire week.)