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Weeky E-News

Random Thoughts

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!

Hope your day is going soooo awesomely! If you know how to praise in the rain, it will be a wonderful day! I'm having one where I just have so many things going on I'm struggling to stay focused on anything for long! In fact…Hang on…be right back…

(I'll have to think about that later!)

Anyway, as I was saying…

What WAS I saying?! Let's see…Oh yeah. Feeling kinda scattered. I've got a head-full of random thoughts and stuff today that is all totally unconnected! So… I'm just going to throw these random meditations (actually, I haven't really meditated too much on these!) out there into the blog-o-sphere for you! 

Here goes!...

…The other day I thought, "What if we didn't have red chairs all lined up side-by-side in our church? What if we had wooden rocking chairs scattered all over like the Cracker Barrel has outside?" Would that be annoying? Everyone rocking the whole time? I don't think it'd bother me. But I've never really tried to talk to a room full of people rocking  before!

…As a Protestant evangelical in the classical sense, I'm not really a person who theologically adheres to the concept of having a pope. But if they are going to insist on having one, it's good that he's as kind, gentle and joyful as the one they have now. 

…Have you ever considered how important simple kindness and gentleness is in the Bible? 

  1. It comes from the power of the Holy Spirit of God! (Gal 5.22 "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace…kindness…gentleness…")Without Him, no one could be kind. 
  2. If a person loves Jesus, gentleness should be so obvious! (Phil 4.5 "Let your gentleness be evident to all") 
  3. People who love Jesus should go after it! (1 Tim 6:11 " But you, man of God,pursue righteousness, godliness,…and gentleness…"). 
  4. You should wear kindness like clothes. (Col 3.12 "clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness… gentleness…") Have you ever had that terrible dream where you realize you're out and about and you don't have any clothes on? What if you're out without kindness on? Yikes! Get home and get dressed! 

Speaking of…

…I'm reading a book right now on the life of St Francis of Assisi, whom Pope Francis named for. He was amazing! He lost his family and fortune when he turned his life over to serve Jesus. His father was a super rich fabrics merchant and when Francis had given some of his dad's fabric to feed poor people, his infuriated father dragged him before the bishop of the town and demanded the money Francis had gotten from it. With all the town at the trial, Francis came out with all the cash and all the fabric that belonged to his dad, including all the clothes he was wearing at the time! He walked away singing, wearing nothing but his kindness and a smile!

...I'm not sure if church signs, where they spell out the message of the week in big black letters, is the best way to communicate. I don't really know what I think about them. I saw one that said:

"Welcome Dr Charles Bellowby

For All Have Sinned Rom 3:23

Worship Service Sun 10:30"

I guess it's good they're glad you're there but you wouldn't want to be called out like that! 

Here's another...

"Free beer!

Just kidding!

Free Jesus!

Every Sunday at 10:30"

One said…

"Congradulations To Our 2013 Graduates!" 

(Opps! Maybe someone should invent spell-check for church signs!)

The other day we were driving thru Cumberland Co and passed a little church with a sign that said:

"Big Or Small, Sin Is Sin"

I thought, "Well. Ok. I mean, we were having a really fun day until a few minutes ago. But, whatever…"

Then I thought, "That's not really true. I mean, sins. Some of 'em are different than others. Between gossip and doing meth, the second is harder on your dental and over-all health. Jesus said that whoever is angry at his brother is like the one who murders. But that doesn't mean that anger is the same as murder. Especially to the other person. I bet he'd much rather the guy just be mad at him! 

Plus, that message may not be doing for folks outside the church what the people inside think it's doing. Right?

…Did you know that daffodils are really from the Amaryllis family from the subfamily Amaryllidoideae? And it's botanical name is narcissus jonquilla. But I'm glad we don't call them those things. "Daffodils" is better. When theologians talk about how  Jesus was…and is…Almighty God Who also is completely human, they call this the "hypostatic union". But in the Message translation of John 1:14, it says "The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood!" Simple helps me. It's kind of like calling a narcissus jonquilla... a daffodil!

…Got ten or eleven minutes and want a heart that's grateful, and thankful, and filled with thoughts of Jesus? Are you looking for an exercise you could follow everyday for the season of Lent to turn your heart towards home…and Him? Why don't you go to iTunes and listen to the podcast, "Ancient and New"? The person who shares in the series called "Remember" (you know him!…his name rhythms with "Lee"!) has recorded for us daily meditations based on Luke 9-23 for the season of Lent. I love them and they are helping me grow in my love for Jesus. No one could do anything more for you than that! Check it out!

…Well, I feel better!

Got some random thoughts? Share them with your family and friends! You'll feel better too! I hear Twitter is good for this!