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Weeky E-News


CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!

It’s here, everybody! November 7! What an awesome day today is! 


Did you know that, counting from Today, there are only 48 days and it’ll be Christmas!?

And after Today, there are only 55 days left in the year!

Thanksgiving is just two weeks and six days from Today! 

If you count from Today, there’ll be a new moon in 15 days…

Spring will be here in 134 days from Today!

It’s 49 days from Today 'til Boxing Day, 

And it's 165 days 'til the Queen’s Birthday and…let’s see…

Chelsea plays Liverpool tomorrow…(Wait. I think I must be on some British website…)

But Today is the day we think about today! Jesus said give no thought for tomorrow because Today has enough for you to think about! 

Today is a super important day! It’s the only November 7, 2014 we’ll ever get! It’s the day we could make choices that we would be glad that we made for a long time to come!

Today’s the day we could praise God by faith in something difficult and tough, without seeing the future and all the good that will come from it one day, when we will have wished that we would have praised Him (if we didn’t) when we should have…Today!

It’s the day we could say something that someone might remember with warm feeling for years to come!

Or NOT say something that they would possibly have never forgotten, but wish they could!

There’s an old song I love by Steven Curtis Chapman that goes…

"While it is still called Today, oh we've got to say the words
That are longing to be heard 'cause tomorrow may be too late
Go on and say what you need to say…While it’s still called Today!"

Today is our only day to trust God because yesterday’s past and tomorrow ain’t here yet! 

So…Today, November 7 is the most important day of the year!  Just like November 6 was yesterday when it was Today!

And, best of all, there are 0 days left 'til November 7! 

Did you know that on this date in history, the same thing happened on November 7, 1940 and on November 7, 1944? 

FDR was elected President…twice! Well, I mean, he was elected President once on November 7. 1940 and a second time on November 7, 1944…

Well, actually he was elected for the third time on 11/7/40 and for the fourth time on 11/7/44! He had been elected President twice before! 

Just not on November 7! 

Here's something else that happened on this date... On November 7, 2013…and November 7, 2011…and November 7, 1998…and November 7, 1873…and November 7, 1384…and November 7, 318 BC…

God loved you!

"Hold on thar just a minute! I remember what was going on in my world last November, in 2013 and it wasn't pretty! How could you say God loved me then? I thought He was just disappointed in me!"

Nope! He's never disappointed in you! To be disappointed, you'd have to have expected something different than what happened! He knew you were going to have a rough patch and a season of mess ups! He knew it before you did! He paid for it loooooong ago! You might have been disappointed in yourself because you expected better than what was, but He knew it was coming and had already washed it clean! Theologically, you might even say He saw it long ago, paid for it long ago, and when it happened, He didn't see it anymore! It was gone before it was done! Because He loves you always! Always has!

Someone wrote these words…

"Turn around and believe that the Good News that we are loved is gooder than we ever dared hope, and that to believe in that Good News…to be in love with that Good News, is of all glad tidings in this world, the gladdest thing of all!" (Fredrick Buechner)

"Well, how on earth can you say He loved me on November 7, 1873? I wasn't even born yet! And I sure wasn't on anyone's radar in 1384! Or 318 BC!!"

Yup! Believe it or not, He has always known you were on the way! And He has always, always loved you! He loved you, set His heart on you, picked you to be His, before the world was ever spinning! And the moment you were born, angels heard Him say, "There you are!" 

And He has loved you every November 7 since! All day long! All night long! And every other day of the year! 

The past is gone; the future's not yet! But Today is your chance to say to Him and to show Him, "I soooo love You, too!"

That's why Today, November 7, is the most important day of all!

Until tomorrow!