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Blog: Tom Job

A Note From Tom: July 8th, 2011

CCC Oak Ridge


That’s my new texting abbreviation for my usual Friday greeting... a hearty “Hey, everyone!” You know how everyone’s using abbreviations while they text…BFF…@TEOTD (“at the end of the day”)…IM (“instant messaging”)…IKR (I know, right?”)…BS (“Big smile”)…LOL (“Lots of love”…is that right?)…

So I thought I’d use my own…”HE!”


Wow! We’ve been learning tooooons about the new tech world we live in the last two Wednesdays! Bem explained so much to us about how medical advances are opening whole new doors to beautiful and also dark possibilities! It was a mind-blowing presentation! And Lee and Matt shared how they are touching lives around the world through their blogs and podcasts! Over 5000 folks read their stuff each month! Join the wave! Check it out!…and…

DBLB! (“Don’t be left behind!”)

It’s all so new to me! Lee said last night that this Fri CCC email is a blog. I actually had never really realized that I have a blog. I didn’t know what one was for a long time. I thought a “blog” was slang for “sinus infection”. But I blog, email, and text (no TWD!). Not bad for an old dude!

We’re not the first to have our world rocked by TLF (“technological leaps forward”) in our communication capacities. President Lincoln was the first in the White House to use the telegram. He could essentially IM folks. And it helps historians get a feel for what he was really like. Along with speeches he’d sweat over for days, we have those things he just put in a telegram right off the TOHH (“top of his head”…or “hat”). One time, “the Mrs.” was on a trip to NYC (“New York City”) with Tad, their 11-year old and sent him a telegram…

“Arrived here safely; hope you are well. Please send a draft today for $50.Tad asks, are the goats well?” (The Lincolns had goats as pets…Imagine that.)

Abe answered…

“The check is in the mail. Tell Tad the goats and father are very well…especially the goats.”

For older folks like us, it takes a while to learn how to tweet and text. One text a grandpa sent to his grandson said…

“Do you know what fluttering is”


“What is a flutter?”

“Grampa, I think you mean twitter and tweeting”

“No. Im pretty sure its called fluttering”

A tweet can have only 140 characters in it. You say it and done! The closest you get to tweeting in the New Testament was a letter written by an old guy (surprisingly!) 90-year old John wrote a couple of letters that are one chapter each and just like a tweeting epistle, he gets to the point, says it, and signs off.  In fact, 2 John could be called a “twistle”.

“It has given me great joy to find some of your children walking in the truth, just as the Father commanded us. And now, dear lady, I am not writing you a new command but one we have had from the beginning. I ask that we love one another. And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love!”

His commands us to love. When you love, you obey Him. When you obey, you love! Love…Johns asks for it…Jesus orders it! More than anything else, love is what He wants from us!

WENTBS (“What else needs to be said?”)

A tweet has only 140 characters. I’m gonna try one. Ready?

The other day, I was jogging down the road by my house thinking about stuff. My best thoughts come to me while jogging. This thought was my best yet!! Ready? I thought to mys