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Blog: Tom Job

A Note From Tom: December 9th, 2011

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everybody!

Ever notice that your Christmastime heart is always filled with names and faces that you maybe haven’t thought about since last year? It’s like you put their memory away in the attic of your mind and bring them out like your old, familiar favorite Christmas tree ornaments, and you think, “There you are! So glad to see you again!”

I’m not talking about Santa or the wisemen. I mean those less-than-protagonist characters who have their moments on stage in the Christmas play that takes place in your heart each year. Folks like…Bing Crosby (don’t you love where he whistles a harmony part near the end?)…Boris Karloff (“Huh? Wasn’t he the original Frankenstein?” Sure, but he also narrates the Grinch TV special!)…George Bailey’s wife, Donna Reed (Have you thought about her ONCE this year? See?)…along with Ernie and Bert, the cop and taxi driver of Bedford Falls (Did you know that they named the Sesame Street Ernie and Bert the same thing and it was a complete coincidence?)…Nat King Cole (“…Altho’ it’s been said many times, many ways…”)…Bob Crachit…Speaking of Bobs, Bob Newhart, Will Ferrill’s adoptive dad in “Elf”…then there’s Hermie, the elf who wants to be a dentist…

Wow! The list is longer than the one I used to give Santa!

Speaking of minor players in Christmas stories…Did anyone think of Anna, the Christmas prophet? Maybe she’s been closer to your heart than you realize this Christmas…

Remember how in Luke, chapter two, after the Holy Couple found a barn…and after the Holy Babe was wrapped in swaddling clothes…and after the angels’ surprise appearance to the shepherds…and after the shepherds’ surprise appearance to Mary and Joseph and the fact, a week after…

…the Holy Family went to the city of Jerusalem, four miles or so down the road, to dedicate our Lord in the temple. It was time for Him to receive His Name. And there were plenty of people there, as always. But there was one person who was always there. Had been for YEARS! It was an old prophet named Anna. Her life had been very sad, but it says she was a prophet and she must have known that her day was about to get…wonderful!

She had been married for seven years. Then her husband died. If she was married at the normal age of thirteen, she was left a widow at twenty. She remained a widow for…eighty four years! So she was 104! The widow’s life was usually very tough in those days. They couldn’t seek a profession or career options back then. They had to trust God for everything, everyday. That’s why she “never left the temple but worshiped night and day, fasting and praying…” (Luke 2.37) She came around the corner at the very moment the young parents did, and she saw… the Infant King!

Another older person named Simeon had asked to hold the Child, and he did.

I’m not sure if Anna asked, “May I have a turn as well?”

(“Uh…I don’t think so. You’re like, 100…and we don’t really know you.”)

But after all those years of widowhood, she saw in the arms of a young couple, the One Who loved her most!

Luke says that “…she gave thanks to God and spoke about the child to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem…”

Last week, you heard about widows in India. Many of them become widows at a very early age. With children to care for, and no way to support their families, so many who have heard  the “glad tidings of great joy!” from Victor Nandigam and his faithful, courageous friends, have opened their hearts to Him, turning from harsh, heartless, fearful beliefs, to Jesus and His love!  Victor tries to care for them all he can. He prays that God will allow him to provide one sari, the native dress, for each widow every Christmas. It will be their whole wardrobe. So…

We put dozens of envelopes on a Christmas tree! Five saris for $50! Along with 35 envelopes for 35 orphans...72 bucks per orphans for a year of school. That tree was covered with envelopes! Until that night! By sunset, the envelopes were ALL GONE! WOW!!! Psalm 65.4 says “the streams of God are filled with water!” And the hearts of Triple C are filled with Christmas love!! How could we thank you enough for caring and loving orphans and widows in India?! And loving  an Indian brother who has so little and cares for so many!! This is the greatest Christmas EVER!!

…because along with children with no parents except a Heavenly Father…

widows will have a day when they see Jesus! In the hearts and gifts of those far away who love Him and them! And in India, they will “give thanks to God and speak about the Child to all who are looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem…”

And India!

Wow! Thanks for making this the Merriest Christmas ever!