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Blog: Tom Job

A Note from Tom: September 2nd

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!

Hope you’re having (check. did that.) an awesome, beautiful, praise-filled (yup. check.) day! Ours is a little hectic but (yeah. check that.) we’re pumped about leaving today for Madrid and then (check.) on to Ligonde in Galicia and the Camino de Santiago! (check. Can’t forget that!)

We’ll be having a little retreat for the (check. Uh huh.) Young Life Madrid team on Friday and (check.) Saturday and then we all hop on the highway to go reach out to people from all over the (check. glad we remembered that.) world!

But today I just have a second to write this because (check.) we’re trying to get our check list all done! Stuff like…

Do the last laundry stuff (check.)

Get our passports (check.)

Buy coffee to take (check.)

Do we have enough underwear? (‘scuse me. check.)

Figure out how many books I can take (check. Maybe re-check.)

Ibuprofen? (check.)

Farm animals squared away (check.)

Go to the bank (check.)

Thank everyone for making it possible for us to go…

Oh yeah…
There are not words to thank you all for encouraging us and helping us both spend these eleven days in Spain! We’re going to swat a lot of flies, step around (sometimes in!) what the cows of Ligonde walk away from, but we’re going to serve, talk to, and share with a whooollleee lot of people from a lot of countries! And a lot of them will be a lot more open to talking about Jesus than they would have dreamed. We are sooooo thankful to be sent by you! Y’all know how at Triple C, we just trust God for all we need, and nobody knows who gives what. It’s awesome to just trust God and watch Him work! Only problem is that we never know who to thank for giving to C3! All I know is that generosity is the heart of Triple C! And the hearts at C3 are sooo generous to give to Him!!  Thank you all for helping us with our trip of sharing Jesus and encouraging those who love and serve Him with Young Life there!!!

Thank you with all our heart!! Pray for us! See y’all week after next!


Oh, yeah…toothbrush!!