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Blog: Tom Job

A Note from Tom: September 16th

CCC Oak Ridge

Hey, everyone!!!

Well, we’re back!! We had a super amazing time in Espana!! It’d take forever to tell y’all about it! I’m feeling kinda of weird because I’m really pumped about all the things that happened but we didn’t sleep tons and we’re really jet lagged! So, on the one hand, my mind is racing with all the thoughts and memories I’m trying to sort out, and on the other hand…uh…other foot…uh, I mean…other… oth…


Huh?! What!?

Opps. Sorry.

You know, one thing that kind of impressed me was that, spending a week waaaaayyyy in the northwest corner of Spain, in a tiny farming village of Ligonde, a town with more cows than people, we were really cut off from the rest of the world! We didn’t have TV. Needless to say, in a village where cows walk in and out of humans’ homes, they ain’t got no WIFI thar! Cell phones don’t have coverage in Ligonde, either. One guy had his iphone and it kinda worked…barely. So we were completely “out of the loop” news-wise.

We had no clue about what was happening in the world or at home. Folks were upset about things we didn’t know were even going on! We had no idea a church was being stupid and hateful in Florida. We didn’t know the Vols hung with Oregon for most of a half…and then got spanked! We didn’t know the ‘Cats are off to a less-than-awesome start. We didn’t think once about whether or not the economic recovery has fizzled out. We didn’t know the NFL season started.

Because we just didn’t know about them, things that had tons of people upset didn’t bother us a bit.


In Revelation 4, it says that before the Throne in Heaven, “there is a sea as smooth as glass”

When there are storms blowing and howling here, before Him, the waters are as calm as glass.

But we know some news you might not know about.

Did you know…

…there is a 20-something  girl from Hungary named Reka, who walked for a month across northern Spain because she was trying to open her heart to the spiritual things of life? She’s home now, with the Gospel of John to read, and a message in her memory that she had never heard before.

Did you know…

…that a 70-something dude named Tito, from Argentina, walked for weeks in Spain with his best friend from high school, Marzio, who has lived in Italy since their college days?  They’ve kept their friendship alive by writing years and years of letters! They both took home a book written by a guy named John about his best friend, Jesus…a Friend John hadn’t seen in years but Whom he was planning to spend forever with.

Did you know that during a week when the news in the States was filled with stories about people who say they believe in Jesus, but are full of hate and malice…about 70 people from nine countries…from South America, to Europe, to Africa, to even the North Pole…ate dinner and spent the night in an old, old farm house and went on their way knowing that people who love Jesus, love people?

Well, that’s the news from Spain!