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Blog: Lee Younger

It's The Whole Thing

CCC Oak Ridge

The single most important thing you can do today is to get alone with Jesus and get your heart to a place where you are in love with Him. Why is that? 

I guess if you asked most people, they would say that spending time with the Lord is what fuels you to be able to serve other people. They would say that spending time with Jesus in His word is what prepares you for all the difficulties you might face when you try to reach out and love people. They might say that getting alone with Jesus is how you get your message that you are going to share with the people who need Him so desperately. 

Here’s the thing: All those reasons are good and true. You do need fuel for your life and ministry. You do need the guidance and encouragement of the Word to get you ready for what you’re going to face and you do need the teachings and stories of Scripture if you’re going to share Jesus with people, but even though those reasons are good and true, they aren’t the most important reason. 

The most important reason that you need for spending time with Jesus today, right now, where you grow more in your love for Him is simply that loving Him is the whole point of everything. Your love for Jesus is the story you have to tell. Your love for Jesus is the fuel you need for life and missions. Your love for Jesus is your message to a lost and broken world. People need Him. They need to see someone who loves Him and depends on Him and is happy to know Him. People need you to reach out and be prepared and have a story to tell, but more than that, people simply need you to love Him. Loving Jesus doesn’t get you ready for life. Loving Jesus is the point of life.