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Blog: Lee Younger


CCC Oak Ridge

Sometimes you probably look at the people around you and wonder, “When are they ever going to get it together?” I bet it sometimes feels like the people in your world will never change and that you’re going to be putting up with this mess of a person for the rest of your life, but I want you to slow down for just a minute and remember one very important thing: God is at work.

In Mark 4, Jesus says that the Kingdom of God is like a farmer planting seeds. Jesus said that those tiny, little seeds grow, though no one knows how and most people don’t even see it happen.

That’s the way God works in people’s hearts. We don’t know what words to say to get the job done. We don’t know which situations are going to really bring change in their lives. We don’t even really recognize the growth or know what it is we’re looking at when it happens. Lots of times, people grow more slowly than we hoped they would or in ways we don’t expect. The point is, God is the One growing them. He is the One who sends the sun and rain. He made the seed and He knows what it takes to bring the plant to harvest. He is at work and He will get the yield He is expecting. After all, He’s watering and tending you as well. Trust in God, and you will be able to relax, slow down and believe in the seeds just as much as you believe in the fully-grown plants.