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Blog: Lee Younger

It's Really True (Yes, Even For You)

CCC Oak Ridge

Quick question: When was the last time you read the story of the Prodigal Son?

Another question: When was the last time you thought about what that story means for you? 

Okay seriously, last question: How do you think God sees you when you sin? 

Yesterday, I read Luke 15 for the first time in a long while and I don’t think I’ll ever get over what happens there. Jesus says that this son who ran away and wasted his life on selfishness and sin decided to come home to his dad, thinking that he would have to talk his dad into giving him a job as a hired servant. Instead, we find out that the dad has been waiting on the front porch every day, straining his eyes, hoping and longing for his boy to come home. When he sees the tattered remains of his son on the horizon, the old man leaps off the porch, throws his arms in the air, shouts for joy and then races to his long lost boy. The story explodes off the page as the dad falls on his son, hugging and kissing him and then throwing the biggest party ever. Wow. 

But what about you? I mean, when you sin and fall and waste a day on your own selfish desires and attitudes and then come to your senses, how do you think God feels about you? Do you think He’s probably disappointed? Do you think He’s angry? Do you think He might take you back, but first you have to demonstrate some real, heartfelt sorrow?

Remember this dad in Jesus’s parable! He didn’t even let his son finish the “I’m sorry” speech! He tackled him with grace! He overwhelmed him with love! He swept his son up in his own pure joy. I know you probably messed up today, but dang, God’s not mad at you. In fact, He’s waiting on the porch. He’s straining His eyes, looking out at the horizon, longing to see you come back home. Yes, even you. It’s really true. Go on home and find out for yourself.