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Blog: Lee Younger

For Those Feeling Overwhelmed Today

CCC Oak Ridge

Let’s take a minute and mentally time travel to the point where you are in heaven. Knowing what you know about heaven, what will be true about your spiritual state there? Go ahead, think about it...

You’ll be totally aware of the way God relentlessly loves you and completely accepts you, smiling over your life and heart forever and ever. You’ll be totally fearless of anything ever having the power to separate you from God because you’ll be in His very presence, surrounded by His love. You will be untouchable by any of your enemies forever and ever, totally protected by the power and authority of God. You will be filled with joy and peace without interruption for all eternity... and on and on.

What if you took half of the time you spend underneath your problems and just made a list of every amazing spiritual truth that will be a fact of your life in heaven? List things that won’t matter anymore and things that won’t bother you anymore. Let’s say you did that - let’s say you made that list. What then?

Well, guess what? In Ephesians 1:3 Paul says, “He has blessed us in the heavenly realms with ever spiritual blessing in Christ.”

In other words, that list is already true! Every spiritual blessing of heaven is already yours right now! We already have that list - we just need to open up our arms and receive it. Go get it. Tell Jesus you want all that joy and peace and carefree love right now. Ask Him to give it to you!