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Blog: Lee Younger

Enjoy This Thing More

CCC Oak Ridge

If you ask most people how their walk with the Lord is going, they’ll probably tell you that they’re not praying enough, not reading their Bible enough and not where they want to be when it comes to overcoming temptation. In short, most people will express feelings of guilt. Most folks are ready at the drop of a hat to apologize for the state of their relationship with the Lord. Is that good?

Well, let me ask you this: What if you were dating somebody and I asked you how it’s going and you instantly hung your head and just started rattling off all the reasons your relationship isn’t as good as it could be? What if you were basically apologizing in shame for this relationship? Not cool. (especially to the one you’re dating)

Here’s the thing: Jesus said in John 15:16 that you didn’t choose Him. He chose you. Paul says in Philippians 1:6 that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion. In other words, Jesus started this thing and He’s going to take it to the finish line. He wanted this relationship in the first place and He’s going to make sure it goes the distance. Jesus doesn’t want you to feel guilty about the state of your relationship with Him. You know what I think He wants? I think He wants you to enjoy it more! I think He wants you to have more fun! Stop feeling guilty about what it could be or what it should be and start enjoying what it is! Relax! Laugh more! Pick your chin up off of your chest, lift up your eyes and love Jesus right now. He loves you right now. He chose you. He’s going to finish what He started. Our job is simply to believe and enjoy the ride.