A lot of people read the Bible, and I guess that’s nice. It’s been the best-selling book in print since ‘print’ was a thing. Some folks read it because it’s an important historical and cultural ancient document, and it certainly is. Some folks read the Bible because it has some beautiful poetry in it, which it definitely does. Some folks read the Bible because they are looking for moral or religious principles, and the Bible has those as well. People read it because they were brought up that way or because they feel they ought to or whatever. Here’s the thing: you need to read the Bible. You need to read it big time, but none of those reasons listed above has anything to do with why you need to read it.


You need to read the Bible because you need a brain transplant.


Yep, you. That’s right… you there, staring at your screen or your smart phone wondering what in the crap I’m talking about. I’m saying that you need a mind makeover. You, whoever you are, need your thought pathways altered today. That’s why you need the Scriptures. That’s why, whatever else you do today, you need to carve out some time with no other people in it, then get alone with God and read the Scriptures slowly.


Check this out: You, my friend, are a fallen, broken person. Now, don’t get me wrong. You’re awesome. You’re one-of-a-kind. You’re an individually beautiful expression of the creative power and genius of a loving and infinite God. The Lord Jesus is absolutely bonkers in love with you; but you are fallen, nevertheless. You were born this way. We were all born a complete mess and we’ve all made this mess into something even messier. One thing this means is that our natural minds are a disaster. The things we automatically think are just out-right wrong. My go-to patterns of thought are hopelessly off-center and that’s why I need Almighty God to speak to me. That’s why you and I need the Scriptures today.


My natural mind thinks that what I need in this world to make me happy is an increase in pleasure and possessions. I naturally believe that getting my own way is the thing that will be most satisfying to my heart. People believe that more sex, more fun, a better body and that perfect someone is all they need to make it through. You can’t even help it. Your brain thinks that winning and being strong are measures of success. You really do believe that if you had enough money, your worries would be over, don’t you?


That right there is why you need the Scriptures. Your brain is broken. It’s part of the fall. You need your mental highways to be demolished, reengineered and rebuilt. We all need this. Thing is, we’re all so fallen that we need this everyday. This is why Paul said, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” You see, we need the Word of God to renew our minds so that our whole lives can be transformed. If it feels like I’m saying that you don’t have the wisdom and the insight to make it through life on your own steam without completely screwing this thing up, it should. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Only God is really wise. Only God knows what you need to think and do. If you haven’t been with Him today, in His Word, you’re late.