Do you want to know a top-secret truth of the Christian life that almost no one knows? Now, when I say almost no one knows this thing, I’m not exaggerating even a little bit. This is not hyperbole. This is one of those absolutely life-changing concepts that only a few people are truly in on. The funny thing is that this truth is not ‘top-secret’ because it’s sensitive information that only a select few folks should be allowed to know. In fact, the reason only a few people know this is because there aren’t that many people who want to know it. Thing is, this concept is so life-alteringly (pretty sure that’s a word) important that I would put it up in the Top 10 or maybe even Top 5 things every Christian should be thinking about pretty much all the time.

Whoa. That’s big, right? Okay, well after all that build up, here it is: Stay Teachable.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… you’re probably thinking, “That’s it? “Stay teachable” is in the Top 10 or even higher? What?” And look, I know it sounds a little anti-climactic, (especially after all that build-up) but hear me out. 

People who knew and walked with Jesus in the New Testament were referred to as ‘disciples.’ That word ‘disciple’ simply means ‘student’ and that’s what it means to know Him and have a life with Him because He is a Teacher. In other words, He knows how to be, and I don’t, so if I start hanging around Him, I need to understand that I am putting myself under a Teacher who expects to be able to tell me what to do and how to be. 

Almost everyone who comes to know Christ is all about being taught and guided when they first get on this whole Jesus thing. They approach the Scriptures with a teachable attitude. They approach their spiritual leaders with that same teachable attitude and most importantly, they approach Jesus that way as well. The problem actually comes from their spiritual growth. When most Christians grow in the Lord, they oftentimes get to a place where they basically think they have it down and they stop listening to anyone. They don’t listen to their leaders, the Scriptures and eventually even the Lord! 

The following is a very important and very sophisticated spiritual maxim that I want to tell myself everyday, and it goes like this: “Until my heart stops beating, I ain’t there yet.” In other words, humility is vital. I need to wake up everyday longing for the wisdom of Jesus. I need to recognize the fact that I absolutely have to depend an other-worldly brilliance, insight and purity of motive which I don’t posses to come into my heart from outside my heart and tell me how to be. I need Jesus everyday. I am staggeringly dependent. I haven’t arrived. On my own, I am not wise. I need Him and I need the Scriptures and I need wise people in my life who love me and when I get all of those things, I need to permanently put myself under the yoke of being taught. I am not a professional. I am a permanent student. I am a disciple.