How are you supposed to know whether or not the stuff you care about really matters? What are you really, really into, and how are you supposed to know whether or not that’s a worthwhile thing or not? How can you tell if you’re wasting your life or wasting your time? Do ever look at your own life and just ask yourself whether or not the stuff you’re doing is important?

Right off the bat, you should know that most people don’t really care. What I mean to say is, what I’m talking about here is very important, and the really cool thing about you is that you’re actually a thoughtful enough person to care about it in the first place. Lots and lots of people don’t care in the least. Some folks live day in and day out and never stop long enough to look at their own life and ask the really important questions. Some people never stop to think about why they’re here and whether or not their life has a point, but that’s not you… after all, you’re still reading, right? The real question is this: Can I really know whether or not I am giving my time, energy, passion, money and heart to something that matters? How in the world can I know this?

Well, my friend, the answer is really just a very simple question and here it is: Do you care about stuff that will matter to you in 1,500 years? 

You are an eternal creature. You weren’t just build for a normal human lifespan. You were made for eternity, and you know it. Your time in this world is very limited. We are going to be out of here soon. The Bible says that God has placed eternity in the hearts of people - in other words, every single person (whether they love Jesus or not) can feel deep down inside them that this life isn’t all there is. We can all sense that there is more… that there is something in store for us beyond death. Those of of us who know and love Jesus have come to find out that eternal life in heaven is in store for us because of what He has done. We believe and know that as soon as we close our eyes on this world, we will open them to paradise in the Kingdom of God where we’ll be with Jesus forever. 

Thing is, your car won’t be there. Your house won’t be there. Your favorite outfit won’t be there. Your bank account and retirement fund won’t be there. That sports team you love won’t be there. The government you currently pay taxes to won’t be there. The real question is this: What is still going to matter once you’ve stepped foot into forever? Think about it… what is eternal? 

Here’s what’s going to matter to you in 1,500 years: Loving Jesus and loving people. Relationships are still going to be going strong in 1,500 years and beyond. Love is going to be important. If you want to know whether or not you’re wasting your life or wasting your time, look at your life, look at the things you care about and ask your self this: “Is this thing about loving Jesus or loving people?” Don’t store up treasure here on earth! Store up treasure that will last! Invest in things that are long-term! Love Jesus. Love people. Don’t waste your life, pour your life into things that will matter to you in 1,500 years.