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100 Ogden Lane
Oak Ridge, TN 37830


About Us

About Us

CCC Oak Ridge

We’re glad you’ve found us, and invite you to come join us in worship!

You know, people come to worship for many different reasons.

  • Some come with praise to give because they love God.
  • Some come with questions in their hearts about life and God.
  • Some come with burdens they can’t bear alone.
  • Some come because they are searching for something and they’re not even sure what it is.

Whatever the reason, we’re thankful you’re here! you may have come with some questions about our church. That is what this page is for. You may want to know something about what we believe and why our church is the way it is. Well, keep reading!

What we believe

First of all, we’d like to point out that we believe what we believe, and we know what we know about God, because the Bible tells us.

The Bible is God’s inspired written message, perfect from beginning to end. It was given to us to tell us how we can know God. It tells us that God is holy and righteous. He is sovereign over everything that happens in the world. And He loves you and me, and wants us to come to know Him personally and forever.

The bad news is that while God created us to know and love Him, humanity rebelled against Him. People by nature are separated from God. The Bible says we are like “sheep gone astray.”This is why the world, and often our life, is full of hurt and pain.

The good news is that Jesus is the solution to the problem! God became a human being to pay for all of our sins, including yours, by dying on the cross. He was innocent yet He took our place; He paid for all our guilt that day. He was buried and He rose from the dead. Now all who want to come to know God and who trust Jesus as their personal Savior are fully and eternally forgiven.

The moment you put your trust in Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes to live in your heart forever to encourage, to guide and to “seal” you, that is, to guarantee you make it to heaven.  Everyone needs to hear and understand this message so that all have the opportunity to trust in Jesus. Those of us who have received a whole new life. Now we belong to God’s family, made up of people from every race, culture, and country that have come to believe in Christ. Our church is part of that family.

Click here to read more specifically about what we believe.

About Us

You may wonder why our church is the way it is. Our church is a place where we can worship God in a simple but sincere way. It may seem casual. That’s on purpose. We want it to be a place where all kinds of people feel welcome, including those who may be coming to church for the very first time.

Or hope is that it is a place where you can grow in understanding God’s Word. That is why we emphasize the regular, simple yet practical teaching of the Bible.

We want our church to be a place where Christians help each other grow through encouragement, Bible study, praying for each other, and honest relationships. As people grow in their faith, they will begin to use the unique ability that God has given to each one to serve Jesus. We want our church to be a place where people have the opportunity to do just that.

We want God to use our church to reach out to those who don’t yet have faith in Jesus. This really happens best when those who do know Him are growing and living out the new life they have received from God, where they live and work… to reach them through caring, helping, sharing, telling, and “being there” for them...

So as we grow...

…in our love for God,
…in our awareness of what grace is all about,
…in practical understanding of His Word,
…in encouraging each other to keep on going and growing in Him,
…in caring about and caring for those who need Him, but still don’t know Him...

our church will grow and become what God desires.